4PX first-class port settled in Shuangliu, Chengdu
June , 27 2022 PM CST

On July 12, the opening ceremony of the 4PX first-class port in Chengdu and the Chengdu Madrid cargo route was held in Shuangliu District, marking the official settlement of the 4PX first-class port in Shuangliu, Chengdu. This is the latest practice of Chengdu and Shuangliu District in actively responding to the requirements of "accelerating the construction of a new development pattern with domestic circulation as the main body and domestic and international circulation promoting each other", and cooperating with 4PX, a global cross-border e-commerce supply chain integrated service provider, to accelerate the upgrading of the energy level of Chengdu air cargo hub and build an international gateway hub and inland open highland with high quality.


What impact will the settlement of 4PX first-class port in Chengdu Shuangliu bring to Chengdu? 

Generally speaking, it will include:

1. Accelerate the construction of Chengdu international air cargo corridor. Focusing on the development plan of Chengdu international air cargo channel, we will jointly promote the continuous opening and encryption of all cargo routes to important economies and international aviation hubs in Europe, America, Asia and other countries in Chengdu airport, and continue to build an international air cargo network with Chengdu as the core and covering the world.

2. Gather efforts to build Chengdu international air cargo transfer (distribution) center. Build a cross-border e-commerce entry and exit port and air cargo distribution center in the central and western regions with Chengdu as the core, integrate international cargo resources more widely, and accelerate the construction of an international air cargo transfer (distribution) center based in the West and serving the whole country through the distribution and distribution of Chengdu hub.

3. Strive to build a cross-border supply chain integrated service platform. 4PX will complete the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Chengdu that includes core functions such as tax settlement, statistical relations, trade settlement and regional headquarters as soon as possible, actively promote the construction of logistics artificial intelligence laboratories, establish and cultivate professional local customer service teams, and build Chengdu into an important cross-border supply chain integrated service platform and trade settlement center with global layout.

4. Help promote the development of aviation logistics industry chain ecosystem. Give full play to the advantages of leading enterprises in the 4PX supply chain, actively guide the upstream and downstream strategic partners of cross-border trade, aviation logistics, international express mail, supply chain talent incubation and other related industries to invest in Chengdu, realize the development of multi industry, multi market, multi mode and multi scenario clusters and the efficient convergence of logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow, and help promote the construction of the aviation logistics industry chain ecosystem. Actively explore and expand the application scenarios of new technologies, and accelerate the construction of digital intelligent logistics service platform.

"As an important node city in the construction of the 'the Belt and Road' and the Yangtze River economic belt, Chengdu is an open highland in the central and western regions or inland regions with great development potential. Secondly, Chengdu has the comparative advantage of taking the lead in building an international aviation hub in the central and western regions. Located at the midpoint of the Eurasian route, Chengdu can fly to East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia within 4 hours, and the Middle East and Europe within 6-10 hours, which is conducive to reducing cross-border The circulation links of e-commerce products, reducing circulation costs and shortening the distance with foreign consumers have significant effects. " When asked why he chose to settle in Chengdu Shuangliu, Guodong, chief operating officer of 4PX, said.


It is reported that for a long time, 4PX has been taking Hong Kong Airport as the international air cargo transfer center. The landing of Chengdu Shuangliu Airport this time is the first domestic first-class port built by 4PX, which means that 4PX domestic direct charter transportation has been normalized, and the domestic trunk transportation level has reached a new level. Next, on the basis of the existing Chengdu London route and Chengdu Madrid passenger to cargo route, 4PX will successively open Chengdu Liege, Chengdu Chicago and other international all cargo routes, and steadily improve the service level of Chengdu's global air cargo route network. Through the route network layout built by the 4PX Chengdu first-class port, all e-commerce packages of cross-border e-commerce sellers are shipped by charter flights, which can save transportation time and procedures for multiple shipments without transshipment, and reduce cargo damage, cargo shortage or loss. For e-commerce businesses that pay more and more attention to rapid delivery in the end market, providing stable positions, high efficiency, door-to-door services will undoubtedly greatly improve the customer experience.

In the next five years, 4PX will strive to achieve an annual growth rate of more than 25% through the Chengdu air port, and more than 100000 tons by 2025. Speed up the construction of the highest strategic level cross-border e-commerce entry and exit ports and international air cargo transfer (distribution) centers in Chengdu, and finally build a cross-border e-commerce logistics network with Chengdu as the center and Shanghai and Shenzhen as the two wings, radiating the world.

4PX will continue to expand the influence of industry leaders, actively give play to the industrial service function of enterprises, fulfill social responsibilities, and drive more manufacturing enterprises and e-commerce sellers to export their products to the world, providing global procurement services for more supply chain service providers, with the help of overseas network advantages, charter operation experience and cargo collection capacity of more than 40, more than 700000 square meters, and 16 major countries in Europe and the United States, Finally, the foreign trade industrial chain in Southwest China will be unblocked and a double cycle ecosystem will be built.