Brand Customers

GRS service
2B & 2C supply chain solution
VC Supplier Center
Matching 2B business distribution
  • Combining 2B and 2C business
    One solution for the entire industry
    Customized products
  • 2B&2C Supply Chain
    Multi-warehouse demand
    Operation guarantee
    Outbound packaging
    Product return


System customization and development capabilities
Operation Guarantee
Validity period management
Supply Chain management
Delivery solutions for 2B and 2C business
Value-Added Services - Cargo Packing


  • 2B supply chain solution

    2C supply chain solution

  • High custom-made services and flexible solutions (GRS, 2B)
    Operational Capability Guarantee
    Value-added services


Own technical team with over 400 people for development and docking
Positive project management to support business development